Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Technological progress and technological development is fundamental, fundamental, in the economic growth process of developed countries, as this growth increased in those developed and developed countries with technological development, and more than 90% of the spending on research and development in the world is spent, before those developed countries spend. Research and development in the field of reviewing scientific issues in private education, especially the engineering departments, as each unit of excellence accommodates. The Nile Academy of Sciences, as one of the educational institutions and educational institutions, has been interested in this direction since its inception in the field of education, so it was keen to have the Nile Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology with its distinguished departments and includes among its flanks laboratories for conferences, conferences and conferences, conferences and its relations. Society development and development.

The word of the Vice Chairman

Education is the basis of the renaissance of nations and a major reason for the elevation of the status of any society. Without education, chaos and ignorance prevail in the pillars of society, and the reflection of this will be an inevitable consequence that tends towards backwardness and retardation from the engine of development. Private education has become a natural complement to the education system in Egypt, in light of the apparent overcrowding in Egypt's universities and the increasing numbers of universities annually, it has become inevitable and necessary to expand the private education system, especially as competition has become clear between the two sectors after the demand for private education has also increased. Egypt now has 22 public universities and 20 private universities, and the overcrowding is still evident and I imagine that within ten years from now the number of universities should not be less than a hundred universities in order to match the increase in the number of students, and I see that survival will be for the better scientifically and academically. I hope that the community’s view of private education will differ, and that we look at what it offers to the student in terms of getting an opportunity to complete his dream of an education that suits him.

Dean's message

My sons and daughters are students of the Nile Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology. It is a pleasure, pride and pride to write to you on the occasion of the start of the new academic year. This day, for which you have long waited and worked for years and years, and the dream was to become an engineer, but thanks to the constant work and great effort that you made, you joined the institute, which is the first step to achieving the big dream. The study of engineering sciences contributes to building a person’s thought and broadening his perceptions, and this is what distinguishes an engineer from others You have chosen an arduous path that requires continuous effort from you, intensive training and practice, as well as self-reliance in study, research and knowledge, and this is what distinguishes engineering education so that you bear the banner of responsibility in the near future on the road to the engineering achievements that all those interested in industry and production expect on the land of this great country. He needs a lot, much more from us all. I also congratulate the parents who have waited for a long time for this day, and I hope that each student will be an example and a role model among his colleagues from the scientific and moral side during the study so that we create a spirit of competitiveness and creativity among all of you. Finally, I pray to God Almighty to guide you to what is good and the elevation of this great nation and every year and you are well.