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The Word Of Head

Our sons are students of the Nile Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Mansoura .... hope for a bright future ... On your arms we will build the renaissance of the country ... and by your belief in God and the nation and by your work the nation will rise and the happiness of generations. I am pleased, in my name and on behalf of all employees of the Civil Engineering Department, to welcome you to the website of your institute and your department, which includes many laboratories, workshops, training halls, amphitheatres, teaching rooms, seminar and conference rooms at a high level of quality to accommodate the requirements of students, the educational and training process, and places for the faculty members, the assisting body and the staff of the department. Finally, I wish all the students of the department and the institute success and repayment, and I wish them more diligence and perseverance to achieve success and to continue research, renewal and innovation in order to serve the nation to achieve a bright future, God willing.

Vision & Mission

Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of the Institution:

The Program Educational Objectives were established with input from all program constituent groups. In doing so, the mission of the Institute was addressed. The mission of the institute demands excellence in areas of educational experience, research, creativity, scholarly activity, and communication. Program Educational Objectives address these points of excellence by providing instruction in associated activities for the graduates to grow from technical competency to professional proficiency. Successful CE graduates contribute to the community by creating and developing products and technologies, which directly benefit the people of Egypt.

Program Constituencies

The constituencies of the civil engineering program are those it serves, i.e. the students, alumni, employers, and External Advisory Board. Students are defined as those currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in civil engineering Programs. Alumni are students who have graduated from the BSCE program and advanced to careers in industry, professional practice, or pursuit of graduate or professional studies. Employers comprise of companies that hire students on either a full-time or cooperative education internship basis. The External Advisory Board consists of managers or supervisors from local, national and international industries with first-hand knowledge of the skill set required for successful civil engineering graduates.

About The Department

Civil department :

The department aims to achieve the following points

  1. That the student is the subject of interest in the department
  2. Demonstrate leadership in the country and the region in civil engineering and to develop international teaching curricula.
  3. Attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty members.
  4. Achieving the highest level of communication with society and cooperation with industry
  5. Developing academic programs and increasing research and scientific activities.
  6. The use of modern laboratories and equipment.
  7. Effective use of modern technology in managing the department's activities.
  8. Preparing a graduate who is familiar with the basics of civil engineering and engineering problem-solving skills in terms of design and implementation, and taking into account the ethics and values of practicing the profession.
  9. Qualifying graduates to deal with modern computer programs and information technology in this field.
  10. Preparing a graduate who is fully familiar with the requirements of Egyptian and international standards in the fields of civil engineering.

For this reason, the department pays special attention to training students during the summer vacations in distinguished companies and engineering offices.

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